What Support Do I Get As A Paparazzi Jewelry Consultant?

What Support Do I Get As A Paparazzi Jewelry Consultant?

When you are getting started in your business, having the right support it KEY!

As a new consultant, I have several things in place to help give you the support, encouragement and help that you need to get your business ROCK’n in no time!

Just a few of the things I have ready to help support you are:

A Daily E-mail

During your first 30 days in business, I have a daily email for you to help guide you through your first 30 days in your Paparazzi business!  They cover all kinds of topics and training as well as having action steps to help you bet your business started out on the right foot.

Weekly team meetings

Every Tuesday night, we have a team meeting for the local team members OR online if you aren’t here locally.  This is a fun time to ask questions, set goals, get coaching or encouragement, and meet other fun Paparazzi ladies too!  The meeting is 90 minutes but you can come for a few minutes or stay the whole time – it’s up to you!!

Training Calls

If you need training on a certain topic or you need help or guidance, I’m available for personal one on one coaching for YOU!!  THIS is something that leaders with larger teams aren’t able to offer but since our team is still growing, I can offer you personalized training and support!

Paparazzi Convention and Empower Me Pink

Paparazzi Accessories has an annual convention where we get training, recognize the top leaders and sellers in company, party and see all the new fall jewelry and accessories that are coming out soon!  It is a party unlike any other!  The energy, support, encouragement, and information you get at Convention is something you won’t want to miss!

Empower Me Pink is a mini-Paparazzi Accessories convention that is held for a few hours on one evening in the early spring.  These training are held at several locations all over the country!  At this meeting, we see the newest spring colors and accessories and get a sneak peek at the jewelry and accessories that will be released.

Team Training Archives

Over at PapaRockStars.com, I have tons of graphics and images available for you to use in your Paparazzi Jewelry business.  You can post them in your online parties, Facebook groups, etc.  There are also training calls and information on that site for you to use to help grow your Paparazzi business including Elite Leader interviews and other weekly training topics.

And more…

I’m constantly on the lookout for more ways to improve our team and how to make your Paparazzi business even better!!  Come join us and get the BEST and most up to date information for your Paparazzi Jewelry business!

So are you ready to get started?

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