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Awnya's Achievements



Paparazzi ranks are a way to show the size of your Paparazzi team and business.  Leaders grow and train a team of other leaders to rise through the ranks.  As a leader is able to show others how to be successful, she and her team find success together.

Paparazzi rank - Director

 Director - April 2015

Paparazzi rank - Premier Director

Premier Director - March 2017

Paparazzi rank - Executive Director

Executive Director - May 2017

Paparazzi rank - Producer

Producer - February 2018


Crown Club Awards - Paparazzi Accessories

Being a member of the Crown Club shows leadership and support for team members.  Crown club members must have the given number of personally sponsored, active consultants for 3 consecutive months in order to achieve the Crown Club award.

Crown Club 5 - Paparazzi Accessories

Crown Club 5 -  November 2016

Crown Club 10 - Paparazzi Accessories

Crown Club 10 - February 2017


Life of the Party is an annual award that consultants achieve based on personal sales.

Paparazzi Life of the Party

Life of the Party - Bronze 2016

Life of the Party - Bronze 2017

Life of the Party - Bronze - 2018

Paparazzi Life of the Party - bronze

 Life of the Party - Silver - 2018

Paparazzi Life of the Party - silver

Life of the Party - DIAMOND - June 2019

Paparazzi Accessories Life of the Party Diamond acess

Life of the Party - Diamond - February 2020


Papa Rock Stars Team Size

I love to watch my team grow and see these amazing ladies making a difference in the lives of other people as well as in their own lives and the lives of their families.



January 2020

And here are a few other awards and achievements I've earned in the Direct Sales world for training, leadership and team spirit.

DSWA Spirit Award

DSWA Spirit Award


DSWA Coach Certified


DSWA Elite Leader Certified