Awnya's Achievements



Paparazzi ranks are a way to show the size of your Paparazzi team and business.  Leaders grow and train a team of other leaders to rise through the ranks.  As a leader is able to show others how to be successful, she and her team find success together.


My team and I hit the ELITE Ranks of Executive Producer in March of 2021. This puts our team in the top .01% of all teams in Paparazzi. 

 We have also crushed the ranks of:

Star Consultant


Premier Director

Executive Director


Premier Producer



Crown Club Awards - Paparazzi Accessories

Being a member of the Crown Club shows leadership and support for team members.  Crown club members must have the given number of personally sponsored, active consultants for 3 consecutive months in order to achieve the Crown Club award.

Crown Club 5 - Paparazzi Accessories

Crown Club 5 -  November 2016

Crown Club 10 - Paparazzi Accessories

Crown Club 10 - February 2017

Crown Club 25 - April 2021


Life of the Party is an annual award that consultants achieve based on personal sales.

Paparazzi Life of the Party


Life of the Party - DIAMOND - June 2019

Life of the Party - Diamond - February 2020, November 2021

 Paparazzi Accessories Life of the Party Diamond acess


Life of the Party BLACK Diamond - 2019, 2020, 2022, 2023

Paparazzi Life of the Party Black Diamond
Life of the Party PINK Diamond - June 2021
(this achievement puts me in the top 38 sellers in the entire company of Paparazzi Accessories)

Papa Rock Stars Team Size

I love to watch my team grow and see these amazing ladies making a difference in the lives of other people as well as in their own lives and the lives of their families.



October 2021