Paparazzi Jewelry Starter Kits

We have Paparazzi Jewelry Starter kit to fit almost ANY budget!

The Paparazzi Jewelry Starter Kits we have for you to choose from are:

Preview Pack    |     Small Home Party Kit    |     Large Home Party Kit

*click on the name to see the details of each kit.


Contents of the Kits

Preview Pack

Paparazzi Jewelry Starter Kit

Small Home Party Kit

Paparazzi Jewelry starter kit

Large Home Party Kit

Paparazzi Jewelry Starter Kit

 Paparazzi Jewelry starter kit - Preview Pack kit  Paparazzi Jewelry starter kit - Small home party kit  Paparazzi Jewelry starter kit - Preview Pack kit
Pieces of Jewelry and Accessories  35  120  200
Style Snapshots  1  3  5
Stylist Tip Cards  1 3  5
Necklace Bust  x x  x
Ring Display  — x  x
Earring Display  x
Bracelet Display  —  x
Pink Sales Bags  50 50  100
Paparazzi Jewelry Planner  x  x  x
Display Hooks  25  75  100
Complete Jewelry Tool Kit  x  x  x
Party Invitations  25  50  50
Vinyl Window Decal  x  x x
Receipts  25  25  25
Consultant Enrollment Forms  5  5  5
Thank You Cards  10  10  10
Frequent Buyer Loyalty Cards  10  10  10
Compensation Plan brochures  5  5  10
Convention Ticket       ($165 value)  x
retail value: $175 retail value: $600 retail value: $1000
$99 $299 $499
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Join Paparazzi Jewelry Now
Tell me more about Paparazzi Jewelry
Join Paparazzi Jewelry Now
Tell me more about Paparazzi Jewelry


Price for every budget!

There is a Paparazzi Accessories starter kit for every budget! The pieces of jewelry are hand selected by our fabulous stylist so that you get the best selling items AND 20 pieces of jewelry in each of the kits are EXCLUSIVE items for the starter kits!

As soon as you choose you kit and Join the Team, you have the option to download the pictures of the jewelry that will be in your kit!  This way you can start sharing with your friends and family all your amazing jewelry before it even arrives at your door!

What about the $40 Enrollment fee?

A few years ago, Paparazzi Jewelry offered a $40 enrollment fee.  This option gave you the ability to order jewelry at a discount and gave the buyer “consultant” status, but after tracking the success of consultants who joined using the $40 enrollment option, Paparazzi Jewelry discovered that there was a serious lack of success among the consultants who joined using this option.

Our amazing corporate staff decided that the $40 Enrollment fee option was setting consultants up for failure and instead introduced the Paparazzi Jewelry $99 Starter Kit option.  The $99 Starter Kit option includes tools and jewelry that will help set you up for Maximum success.  So, we may not have the $40 enrollment kit as an option for you anymore, but just know that we are about YOUR SUCCESS, not just a quick buck.