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  • How Do I Start my Own Paparazzi Business?

    I'm an over-complicater.  I over complicate making a bowl of cereal.  Like for reals.  So you can imagine that when I was starting my Paparazzi bus...
  • Now is the Perfect time to Join Paparazzi Accessories

    Spring is in the air and our 2021 Spring Jewelry and Accessories are hot!  With colors like Amethyst, Mint and French Blue, you know you can't go w...
  • Free Jewelry in Starter kits in February! (2021)

    Love is in the air this month, and Paparazzi wants to show YOU how much they LOVE all their new consultants! In the Small and Large Home party kit...
  • Can a former consultant re-join Paparazzi?

    Sometimes life happens.  Maybe you got sick or had a major life change like a move or a new baby and had to take a step back in your Paparazzi business.  Can you rejoin Paparazzi? 

    To answer that question, let's me ask a few questions:

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