My Paparazzi Story

About Me

I'm a Mom of 8 kiddos (ages 20 - 1). I've been married for 22 years to the love of my life, Jesse, and we live in New Mexico. 

I first started Paparazzi as a way to help pay some bills and contribute to the family budget.

Paparazzi has also helped me grow as a wife, mom, woman and business woman. I have loved being able to be home with my babies while they grew while also setting and crushing goals in my professional life.

Awnya's Achievements

- Life of the Party PINK Diamond

- Life of the party Black Diamond x2

- Team of over 580 consultants

- Executive Producer

- ELITE Leader (top 1% of leaders in Paparazzi)

- Crown Club 25

- 9.5 years with Paparazzi Accessories

Support and Leadership

- Team training and coaching

- Office hours for individual training and coaching

- Step by Step New Conslutant Training

- Team FB group for support and training

- Team Challenges and Contests

- Special team texts and message groups

- Training podcast & resources

Questions? How Can I Help?

I love mentoring other men and women to set their goals and achieve whatever level of success they can dream of.  

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