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Welcome to My site!

Hi! My name is Awnya

I'm a Mom of 7 kiddos (ages 15-3) and I've been married for 17 years to the love of my life, Jesse and we live in New Mexico. 

I used to suffer from serious "Stay At Home Mom Guilt".  I LOVED being a mom, but hated that guilt that came from my husband carrying the financial burden for our family.  

Then, I found Paparazzi when a friend took me to a home party.  I instantly knew this was the solution I was looking for! 

I love helping other women set goals, work hard and start to dream of a better life that what they are currently living.  

If you are looking to look great, feel great, earn some free jewelry or even make some GREAT money from home, let's chat and see if Paparazzi is right for you too! 

Can't wait to connect with you!! 

Awnya B. - Paparazzi Accessories consultant #17961


What can I say about Paparazzi Jewelry? I LOVE it. It is jewelry that I can wear every day and not worry that I am going to break or lose an expensive piece of jewelry... I haven't purchased anything yet that I don't like. Awnya is awesome. She knows her business and is easy to work with. You can't go wrong with a Paparazzi purchase!

JoJo L.

Awnya is an awesome consultant. She is quick on mailing your items. She always answer any questions you may have. Her parties are fun. She also accepts PayPal which really puts my mind to ease.

Jennifer S.

I want to compliment on Awnya's sales skills. She has a lot of energy and drive. She's very passionate about Paparazzi. She's fabulous.... I can't stay away from Paparazzi. I love accessories and they are really pretty.
Awnya is perfect for Paparazzi and Paparazzi is very lucky to have her!

Glenda R.

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