How to Choose a Paparazzi Jewelry Team to Join

When choosing a Paparazzi Jewelry team (aka Paparazzi Accessories team) to join, what are some things to look for?  A leader will be someone you hope will train you, guide and encourage you and help you to grow your business too.  How do you make sure this person doesn’t just talk a good game and then falls flat when push comes to shove?

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Connection
  • Communication
  • Coaching
  • Attitude
  • Support

Let’s look at these in a little more detail –>I came to Win quote

Do you feel a Connection?



There are just some people that we naturally click with a little better than others.  While you might not be looking for a BFF, your leader should be someone that you work closely with and who is there to support you both in your business and personal life (cuz let’s face it….you gotta balance both!) You want your leader to be someone who you can connect to and relate to.  This will make it easier to grow your business and share your dreams and goals with your leader!

I like to have a quick (or sometimes long!)  text, call or message with people who are thinking of joining my team to see if the like me personally and to see if they feel we will work well together.

Call me, text me, if you wanna reach me….

Have you been on hold for what seems like an eternity trying to get an answer to a question about a phone bill or to get a problem solved?  How frustrating, right?!  This is the LAST thing you want in a leader!!  If you have a question, concern, need help, want to celebrate hitting a goal or need some inspiration, you need to be able to get a hold of your sponsor.

When I was looking for a team to join, I sent several emails that to this day haven’t been answered. Over 2 years later.  Is that the kind of leader you want?  Or course not!  You want someone who will get back to you quick and help and support you!

I try my best to be available to my team and help them however I can AND in the even that I’m unavailable, we have great support groups on Facebook and an amazing upline (people above me in the Paparazzi family) who are also available to help get you answers or support when you need it.

Every team needs a Coach

When I think of the word Coach, it brings back memories of playing sports in high school.  While I wasn’t super great at most of them, I had amazing coaches that encouraged and supported me with my goals and gave me encouragement and training when I needed it.  Most of all, they truly cared about me and the the rest of the players on the team.  They weren’t pushy or overbearing and didn’t ever force us to do what THEY wanted us to do.  Kind of sounds like something you might want in a team leader too, huh?!

Whatever YOUR goals and dreams are for your Paparazzi Accessories business, I’m here to support you.  Whether you want to share the latest styles and trends with friends and family or are looking for a fun way to earn a little extra money, get out of debt or want to replace a full time income.  My job is to encourage, train and support with a little encouragement and inspiration along the way.   I believe in coaching so much that I’ve been to intensive training by the Direct Selling World Alliance to become a better coach and leader for my team and for you!

Attitude is Everything

Have you ever seen a cheerleader frown?  I don’t think it’s in their job description.  They are happy and always have that Can-Do Attitude. No matter what, they are looking on the positive side and trying to encourage, support and uplift.  This is the kind of attitude you want in a leader too!

SupportYour Attitude Zig Ziglar Quote

One of my favorite quotes is “Your Attitude determines your Altitude” by Zig Ziglar.  I understandthat life happens and sometimes it is no fun!  I’ve been there, done that too.  But every experience we have leads us to something new.  Without the experiences you’ve had, you wouldn’t be here!  I’m here to help encourage, support and cheer you on though the difficult times, so that you can reach your goals and your dreams!

When searching for a bra, I look for something comfortable and practical.  It needs to have just the right amount of lift so that the ladies don’t start to droop, but not so much that I get dents in my shoulders.  I like simple as well.  Anything too fancy or complex and I loose interest real quick.  AND, the bra needs to be there when I need it, but when I’m chilling at home in my pj’s eating junk food and watching chick flicks, it can take the night off…..

In a lot of ways, a good leader is like a good bra.  They are practical and helpful.  They help uplift you and keep things simple.  Most of all, they are there all the time, but especially when you need them.

What are some of the ways I offer support to my team?  I offer weekly team training calls, individual coaching calls, team incentives, online resources and much much more!  PLUS, an iTunes and iHeartRadio podcast FULL of training, support, ideas and success tips from the top!

Bottom line, I do what I need to do to make sure that you are supported in a comfortable and practical way…and one that is unique to each person on my team.

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