COVID 19 Policy

JewelryBlingThing is a small business with daily operations and shipping departing from our at home office and boutique.  We currently have 2 part time employees that assist with the jewelry and shipping on site. 

Our in home shopping boutique has been closed to the general public until further notice to help control the potential spread of any germs.  

In addition, our assistants have been asked to not come to work if they are feeling under the weather in any capacity. 

We regularly clean and sanitize workspaces and have sanitizer and sanitizing wipes stationed around the boutique to keep things clean.  No food or open containers of drinks are allowed in the boutique at any time and employees are asked to wash hands if they consume something before they return to working. 

Shipping orders out to customers creates a natural quarantine period (while the packages travel through the USPS system) but if you are worried about the potential of getting germs through your packages, we also recommend leaving your package in an isolation space for a day or 2 once they are safely received by the customer. 

We recommend that customers do not lick or otherwise directly expose themselves to any potential germs that may exist on package or packaging material.  We recommend washing your hands thoroughly after unpackaging your jewelry and before eating, drinking or touching your face, nose, eyes or mouth.