Why do People Join Paparazzi Jewelry?

Why Do People Join Paparazzi?

So why do people join Paparazzi jewelry?!  Let’s look at a few of the most popular reasons:

1- It’s an excuse to eat brownies and cookies

When you are a consultant at a home party and your hostess has a delicious assortment of brownies or cookies, the only nice thing to do is to sample them!  It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!!

2- The average consultant makes $200 on a home party

Paparazzi consultants love that the guests that come to our parties and events don’t feel like they have to spend a lot of money just to support a friend.  Our items are ALL $5!  When they see them, they are shocked by the price and quality!!  You find really quickly that they don’t believe that the items are only $5 each!  “It’s only $5?!” or “How much is THIS one?” are a few of the ways they test to make sure that you aren’t kidding.

“Yep,” you respond, “Everything is only $5!”  And then the crazy happens.  They start adding things to their basket.  sometimes only 4 or 5 items, other times 15 or 20!  They can’t believe how GREAT they are going to look!

The truth is, it adds up super quick and you will find that your customers come back again and again to get their $5 fix with you – cuz who else can look them great and save them a bundle!

Most consultants walk away with about $200 in their pocket from a home party! Sometimes its less or other times it is a lot more! Think about it – if your party is only 2 hours long, that means that you made about $100 an hour!  Try making that at your day-job!!

3- Get a Mommy break

This is one of my favorite parts of doing Paparazzi!  As a mom of 7, I NEED to get away sometimes and just talk to other adults!  It refreshes me, adds money in my pocket and gives me a little adult conversation.  I mean, let’s face it – arguing with a 2 year old about the color of the sippy cup isn’t exactly how I want to spend my day!

4- Make new friends

When I first started Paparazzi, this wasn’t something I thought would happen.  I had some good friends and thought I was pretty set in the friend department.  Let. Me. Tell. You. I was wrong!

I have made SO many amazing friendships with other consultants, hostesses and customers!  I’ve learned that you can never have too many friends!  It is wonderful to have so many people that care about me and my little family.  They are helping support and encourage my dreams!!

5- Look and feel fabulous

With Paparazzi, you get training from the Paparazzi founders and stylists on the latest trends, colors and styles.  This helps you know how to best help your customers but it also means that you are “In the Know” when it comes to fashion.

As a kid/teenager, I wasn’t ever all that fashionable.  I wore what fit and it wasn’t always something that looked or fit good.  I love that now I know what is hip and trendy and I can buy clothes that fit my personality AND the latest styles!

So are you ready to get started?

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