What do I need to do as a Paparazzi Jewelry consultant?

As a Paparazzi Jewelry consultant, there are a few thing you need to be willing to do.  Here are a few of them –>

Take large checks to the bank

As you get started in your Paparazzi jewelry business, you might be surprised by how quickly your jewelry sells!!  It was shocking to me when people started buying the jewelry without a fancy sales pitch or rehearsed demo!  I just stood there and said “Yep.  Everything is only $5 each.” and BAM!  Payday!

The next thing that caught me off guard was my friends and family asking if they could host a party for me!  I was with another company for over 6 years and not once did someone ASK if they could host a party for me!!  It felt sometimes like I was begging them to host a party for me or buy my products….not anymore!!

Now, my customers come back to shop again and again.  They love when I get new jewelry and accessories in and my calendar stays full with parties, events and shows.  I am blessed by how much they love $5 jewelry and support my business!

So if you love taking large checks (or wads of cash) to the bank – or if you WANT to know what that is like, Paparazzi Jewelry is just what you need!

Look FABULOUS in your cute, trendy jewelry

Something you will hear a lot in Paparazzi is to “be a product of the product”.  What this means is that you wear the jewelry so that people can see how amazing our jewelry is!  It is a great way to start a conversation and sometimes you will even sell a piece (or several pieces) of the jewelry you are wearing!  It’s happened to me more than several times!!

So even though this one is meant to be a little silly, it is totally important that you wear and talk about your cute, trendy jewelry to your friends, family and the people you meet.  They might be your next best customer or new team member!

Do a little work, make a little love, get down tonight

While this may be another lame attempt at humor, you do have to be willing to take a few steps to get your business going.  Don’t worry!  They are super easy and I’m here to help you with them every step of the way!  They are pretty simple things like – Book a few parties to get your starter kit paid back ASAP!

These steps might not seem like much, but they will set the foundation for your business to grow and explode in record time so that you can party the night away!!

Work towards your goals and dream life

In your business, you are the one who is going to set your goals.  I have the goals and achievements that I am working towards and since my goals are different than yours, it would be uncool for me to choose what your goals would be!  So its easy- you set a goal and then work towards reaching that goal!  I’m here to help you along the way with coaching, support and training too!

Whether your goal is to make a few hundred dollars a month or to make a few thousand, whether you want to build a huge rockin’ team or just sell the jewelry or whether you want to party at home on your computer or at large parties and events, it’s up to you!!  I am here to help and support you in what YOU want to do!!

Not a very long list right?!  The truth is, you will need to do all of these things in your Paparazzi business in one form or another but as you jump into the business with both feet, you are guaranteed to have the success you desire.  No one ever won the jackpot by playing it safe.  Take a risk, believe in yourself and BIG things will happen!!

So are you ready to get started?

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