My Paparazzi Jewelry Story


I took a few dollars ($13) that I had saved from babysitting that week and went to the party. I went early and left after only 5 minutes with 2 necklaces for me and 3 bracelets for my girls.

What happened next was MAGIC!

As I started to wear my new necklaces, my friends noticed. I got a LOT of compliments. I started to feel better about myself. That little $5 necklace was just want I needed. A few weeks later, I scraped together every penny we had and joined Paparazzi Accessories.

Other DS companies vs. Paparazzi Accessories

I had tried several other Direct Selling companies and was even with one for over 9 years. I loved the products of each company I was with, but found it VERY difficult to make any money! Growing my team was even more difficult. With Paparazzi Jewelry, I had friends and family knocking on MY door for a change! Friends were ASKING if they could host parties for me! I sold my starter kit in only 4 days and had my husband asking why I didn’t get a larger starter kit!

Paparazzi Accessories has been nothing short of a miracle in my life. I have been blessed in so many ways and can’t wait for my BRIGHT future!

Paparazzi Jewelry changed my LIFE!

There are so many ways that I can’t even describe how Paparazzi Accessories has changed my life. One of my favorite ways to help spread the jewelry joy, is to grown my team! With 9 years of Direct Selling experience and certifications in both leadership and success coaching, I am here to help YOU grow your business just like I have!

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