How much money will I make having a jewelry business?

How much money will I make having a jewelry business?I'm sure you are wondering how much you can make off $5 jewelry.  I mean, it's only $5, right?!

Well, the truth is that even though our jewelry is only $5, I sell between 3-5 pieces on average to each customer.  And when you have 10-15 guests at a party, that adds up really quickly!!

For every item you sell, you get to keep an epic 45% for you!  That's cash in your pocket.  (can I get a whoop whoop?!)  Out of the companies that I've researched or been a part of, there were only a HANDFUL of companies that offered such an amazing percentage to their consultants.  AND the other companies who did match the 45% of sales to their consultant had items priced MUCH higher than Paparazzi $5 Jewelry!

What does that break down as?

So, as a Paparazzi jewelry lady, you buy each piece of jewelry for $2.75.  You then sell those same pieces for $5.  That means you get $2.25 in your pocket for each piece you sell.

Now, how much you make will totally depend on you.  They jewelry does practically sell itself, but it can't be in a box on the back of your piano and do that.  You do have to show it to people and get it out of the house....but once your friends, family and even total strangers hear that the jewelry is only $5, that it is nickel and lead free, they SNATCH it up!!

I've even sold necklaces, earrings and bracelets that I was wearing because they liked them that much.

The more parties you have and the more events you do, the more you will sell and the more you will make.  Simple as that!  I usually do between 2-3 parties and in the fall/pre-Christmas I bump that up to 3-4 and then an event on the weekends.  That is the schedule that I like to keep because my kiddos are still little, but you can do a party every night or even 2 if you want to!  It's up to you!

So, do I make money with Paparazzi?  Yep!  More than I even thought I would, and this is only the beginning!

So are you ready to get started?

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