How much does it cost to Join Paparazzi?

How much does it cost to get my jewelry business started?

How much money do you need to have to get your jewelry business started with a bang?? Here are some things you might want as you get your business started in addition to your Paparazzi Starter kit.

Business cards

Business cards are great to give friends, family and customers so they know where to find you again when they want to host a party, buy more jewelry or join your Paparazzi jewelry team.

The kind of business cards and how many you need are totally up to you.  My favorite deal is to go through (this is the Paparazzi templates available through Vistaprint).  There you will find 3 different card designs to choose from and if you use the promo code VPBC500 you get 100 business cards for $13.98 or you can use one of the templates that Vistaprint has already there and get 500 business cards starting at $9.99.  It is the best deal that I've found, so I recommend it.  Occasionally, Office Max or one of my local stores will have a sale and I can get them for about the same price, so be sure to price them out and find the best deal for the cards you want.

Display boards

You can make your display boards as complicated or as simple as you want to.  I have heard of some consultants that start out just with a table cloth and lay their jewelry on that.  Others use foam board and paperclips when they are first starting.  I used Pegboard that I taped together in a sort of "hinge" with duct tape.  It wasn't the cutest jewelry, but it was functional.

Whatever you want to do for this, its up to you.  Pegboard is about $20 for a sheet of 6 foot by 8 foot board.  I had the nice men at home depot cut those boards into 8 equal pieces (about 24" x 36") and then used those for my displays.  It was a great value and held all the pieces i got in the $299 starter kit with room to spare.

Display hooks

In your starter kits, you do get some hooks, but these aren't enough to display the jewelry that you will want to sell.  I recommend buying some extra hooks in one of your first orders after your starter kit.  Paparazzi has a GREAT price on their pegboard hooks and they work nicely.  Just know that you will most likely need more.

Table cloths

Whether you are having a home party or a show or event, you will most likely need a table cloth.  While you can go and buy a fancy table cloth, I recommend using a black, flat bead sheet.  I can usually find these for under $7 a piece and they are wrinkle resistant.   You can't even tell a difference!

Folding Table

If you have a folding table, then you won't need to worry about this, or even if you are doing home parties, the hostess will probably have a kitchen table you can set up on.  If you are doing events or just want to be on the safe side, you might want to invest in a folding table or card table.  Both are easy to transport and a great investment.

I recommend getting a table with locking legs.  There is nothing worse than having everything all set up and then the table gets bumped and the legs fold up again, making the jewelry fly everywhere.

Canopy or shade tent

If you are doing a lot of outdoor events, this is going to come in super handy, but it's not a must have.  The shade will help keep you cool and keep the jewelry from getting too hot in the sun.  If you are going to use a canopy, be sure to weigh it down really well because 1 gust of wind can carry it off and destroy it.

Oh, and if you want to get a really good deal on a canopy, wait until the end of summer sales.  A lot of times you can find these for $75 or less when they are regularly over $100.  Check your local stores like Walmart or K-mart for great deals too!

You can see that there are several things that you don't need RIGHT away, but will be nice to have as you build momentum in your business!  Just keep these things in mind as you get started so your not surprised later on!


So are you ready to get started?

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