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As of January 2024, this kit is retired and no longer available as an option to join. 

BUT, we have 2 new Paparazzi Accessories Starter kit options available that are priced to fit your budget!  

Check out our NEW, UPDATED $20 Party Pass Starter Kit or or $99 VIP (Verified Influencer Pack) to get your Paparazzi Accessories business started with a BANG! 

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 I have some good news and some bad news about the $40 enrollment fee for Paparazzi jewelry.

Let’s start with the bad news.

It isn’t offered anymore.   Why?  Because Paparazzi looked at the people who were joining and the success they were having after joining and there was a HUGE lack of success with the people who joined using the $40 enrollment option.

We believe that it was actually doing you a disservice.  Let me explain.  When you joined with the $4o, the ONLY thing you got was the ability to order jewelry at a consultant price.  Most people that joined didn’t even earn their $40 back because they didn’t have any jewelry to sell!

So, instead, Paparazzi introduced the $99 Paparazzi Jewelry Starter Kit option.

With that kit, you get supplies (like bags and display items), training materials and 35 pieces of jewelry!!  With this option, you have everything you need to ROCK your business from the start.  you can almost DOUBLE your initial investment and then from there, the possibilities are limitless!

You can make $300, $3000 or even $3,000,000!!!  It’s totally up to you.

So what started out as bad news, hopefully is now good news!  We CARE about you too much to still have the $40 enrollment fee option.  We want to set you up for SUCCESS and give you the BEST start to your business.

So, do what you have to so that you can get your starter kit!  Take out a small loan, put it on a credit card.  Borrow money from your mom or a friend.  Ask for an early birthday or Christmas gift.  You won’t be sorry you did!!

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