Why did I choose Paparazzi Jewelry Over Other Direct Sales Companies?

Why did I choose Paparazzi Jewelry Over Other Direct Sales Companies?

There are so many other companies are out there…why did I choose Paparazzi Jewelry over ALL of the other companies?  Here are my top 5 reasons.

Amazing Commissions

With Paparazzi, you make 45% of all your personal sales.  This is higher than almost ANY company out there!  To me, that means that I can work just as hard as I would with any other company, but MAKE more money!

AND, on top of your personal sales, you get 5% – 10% on all your team sales too!!

Price point

Paparazzi jewelry is ALL $5.  Yep.  ALL $5.  Our customers are AMAZED by the amazing quality and such a great price.

Plus, EVERYONE has $5.  It is something you can wear again and again and even again!  You can use different outfits with the same jewelry to make it even more versatile.  AND Paparazzi has the latest styles and colors too so that you look on point!

Family Like Feel

One of my favorite parts of Paparazzi is the feeling that each and every consultant is important.  The leaders are so helpful and whether you are a  Star Consultant or a Fashionista, you are spoiled at the Paparazzi meetings and events!  I have made more friends with Paparazzi than I have my entire life!!

Skip the Sales Pitch

With other companies, you have to demo products, give a presentation or memorize your party speech.  With Paparazzi, there are no demonstrations or speeches so whether you are shy or the life of the party, you are free to visit with party guests, get to know people and just have fun!  Plus, guests can come and go as they please.

There is no Party like a Paparazzi Party

If you have been to a Paparazzi party or event, you know that there is nothing like it!  There is an energy, excitement and level of fun that is unmatched with any other company I’ve found!  Paparazzi definitely knows how to party!

So can you see a little more why I LOVE Paparazzi?  It is an amazing company with unmatched benefits and rewards.  Paparazzi Jewelry is changing the world $5 at a time.  Are you ready to be part of the fun, family and five dollar fashion?

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