What Bonus Items Can I Expect As a Paparazzi Jewelry consultant?

When you join Paparazzi Accessories there are a few BONUS things that you get JUST for being a part of the Paparazzi Jewelry Team!  Here are just a few of the benefits: 

What Bonuses Can I expect as a Paparazzi Jewelry Consultant?

Your Very Own {FREE} Website

As a Paparazzi Jewelry consultant, you get your very own website!  They are a place where you can send your customers to shop or find more information about Paparazzi. You can add your own info to your website including your contact information and your Paparazzi story!  Want to see what your website will look like?  Take a look:  https://PaparazziAccessories.com/17961

Your site will look a lot like that except the numbers on the end will be YOUR consultant number OR you can choose a name for your site too like this:  https://PaparazziAccessories.com/Awnya

These websites are FREE for all consultants and a great way to get orders and connect with your customers more online!

You don’t have to wear a bra to work

Ok, so that’s mostly true.  If you are doing a home party or event, I would ALWAYS recommend a bra!  But if you are doing online parties, hostess coaching, working with your team or just working your business from the comfort of you home, feel free to work in your pjs – no bra required!!

AND, as an added bonus – NO COMMUTE either!!  Wahoo!!  I joke with my hubby that my commute is from my bed to the fridge to eat breakfast!!  But hey, with 7 kids – sometimes that rush 10 minutes is a beast!!  (he he).

Online parties

one of the recently added features to the Paparazzi websites is the ability to do online parties. You can set up a party right through your consultant site.  Its so easy!!  Set up the party date and hostess and then send the link to the party guests.  They come and shop the party and your hostess gets the credit!!  It is a fun, easy way to party online and Paparazzi takes care of shipping out the jewelry orders directly to the party guests!

Free Shipping

As a customer or a consultant, all orders over $100 ship for free!  All orders under the $100 ship for the low price of $5.95.  Just another great benefit of ordering with Paparazzi!

You can get a FREE tan on you FREE Paparazzi vacation

Every year, Paparazzi announces a trip that you can earn for FREE!!  This year, we will be traveling to the Dominican Republic in January of 2017 .  We have from June-November to earn our trip plus a trip for a friend or family member for free (up to 2 free tickets!)

It doesn’t matter what your rank is or how big your team is!  Anyone can earn points and come on the trip!!  Seriously!  What job pays you to work and then gives you a free vacation too!??!  Paparazzi, that’s who!!


Although all consultants are running their own businesses, the Paparazzi family is wonderful!  I have made so many friends on my team and on different teams too!!  Paparazzi and the consultants that make up the heart of the Paparazzi family have a way of making you feel loved and included in a way that a lot of other companies don’t!

I can’t tell you how many times I have chatted with a consultant or messaged with one for encouragement, setting and reaching goals or just to chat!  It’s an amazing feeling to be wanted and loved!

Fashion training

Each season, we get exclusive training from our Paparazzi founder Misty Kirby and the other Paparazzi stylists. They teach us about the latest styles, trends and colors for each season.  It is fun to hear what is going to be popular and what we should expect to see in the jewelry world as well as in clothing styles too!

This training helps us to best serve our customers, but it also helps me to feel like I am a little more fashionable too!!  Instead of being a season or two behind on all the trends, I know what’s hip (is it even cool to say hip anymore?!) and what’s not.

Training, Encouragement and Support

As a Paparazzi Accessories consultant, we have training and support for you in your business!  There are weekly training calls from me, and Paparazzi Accessories.  We have weekly team meetings, goal setting and team challenges.  I also have individual coaching and training available for anyone who wants or needs it!

We have a Facebook group, team training archives and a team newsletter as well to give you the latest info and the best training anytime you need it!

Can you see why Paparazzi Accessories is an awesome company and business opportunity?!  $5 Jewelry is a million dollar idea and you can share in it too!!  Let’s get you started on your Paparazzi Jewelry journey!

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