NEW!  Dainty Hoops

NEW! Dainty Hoops

Paparazzi JUST announced that DAINTY HOOPS will be joining our product lineup and I am THRILLED!  


Hoops are a go-to accessory in my house and I love them in ALL sizes depending on what my activities of the day will be. 

Hoop earrings are a great versatile accessory that can be worn with almost any style type.  Do you have an edgy vibe? Hoops with an edgy necklace.   Prefer more southern inspired jewelry.  Hoop earrings with a crackle stone bracelet and necklace.  Love classic looks with pearls?  Time for Sparkly hoops.  

See what I mean?!  Hoop earrings are awesome! 

So whether you are running errands, at work, just love dainty accessories, shopping for a teenager, or just love hoops of all sizes like I do, these Paparazzi Dainty hoops are going to be a MUST to add to your collection.  

And stay tuned, because there are several other styles and different metal types coming soon. 

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