How Do I Start my Own Paparazzi Business?

I'm an over-complicater.  I over complicate making a bowl of cereal.  Like for reals.  So you can imagine that when I was starting my Paparazzi business - it was pretty much the same thing.  I read all the articles, searched up all kinds of ideas and trainings online and had a million pages bookmarked before I even joined.  

How do I start my own Paparazzi business?

But - I think it held me back.  Because I had SOoooo much info - I didn't know where to start.  

SO - for you, I want to simplify.  2 step process to get your Paparazzi business stared.

Step 1 - Pick a Starter Kit
Step 2 - Fill out the Application

That's it.  From there, I've got step by step training and support to get your business up off the ground and successful in the shortest time possible.  It's gonna take some work and some training, but soon, you can be one of the top consultants in the company too! 

This is a BIG month for our team and we would love to have you officially a part of our growing tribe of amazing bling bosses.  All you have to do is make it official!!  

If you need help getting your application filled our or choosing a kit - please let me know.  I'm here to help you!

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