Free Jewelry in Starter kits in February! (2021)

Free jewelry in Paparazzi Accessories Starter kits February 2021

Love is in the air this month, and Paparazzi wants to show YOU how much they LOVE all their new consultants! 

In the Small and Large Home party kits, Paparazzi will include a bonus 5 Blockbuster pieces.  These pieces are Smash hit, show stopping items and some of our all time best selling items.  

And you get them for FREE!  :) 

Plus, as a consultant, any order of 100PV or more (about 50 pieces) will ALSO include these 5 bonus items.  

Talk about a sweet deal! 

So if you are ready to get your Paparazzi business started, let's do this!  

Join Paparazzi Accessories Now!

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