Free Jewelry in Paparazzi Accessories Starter Kits [July 2021]

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Paparazzi Summer Party Packs

This summer, heat things up with some FREE accessories in our Small Home Party Pack and Large Home Party Pack! 

FREE jewelry in Paparazzi Starter Kits

We don't always have extra bonus pieces in our starter kits because they are already SO awesome and VALUE PACKED - BUT July 2021, you get even MORE! 

In the Small Home Party Starter Kit, you already get an amazing 120 pieces of jewelry and accessories (retail value of $600) - but in July 2021, you will get 10 BONUS pieces for free.  

AND, in our Large Home Party Starter Kit, which normally includes 200 amazing pieces of jewelry and accessories, PLUS a FREE ticket voucher to our annual convention! (retail value of $1000 plus the convention ticket voucher saves you about $285)  - in July 2021, you get 20 BONUS pieces more!!  That's $100 extra in pure profit right in your pocket. 

EVEN MORE Jewelry for FREE

And if that weren't already pretty awesome - for every additional order you place for 75 pieces of jewelry or more (150PV), Paparazzi will thrown in another Summer Party Pack - FOR FREE!  

This is a great time to build up your inventory and learn the ropes of your new Paparazzi business before the Fall and Winter selling season starts.  

Plus, a home business has some amazing tax breaks so you can keep more of the money you work so hard for.  

Sounds like a WIN WIN to me!! 

Summer Party Pack Exclusive Pieces

Want to see what the 10 exclusive pieces look like? 

So cute, right?! 

The Summer Party Packs are only available while supplies last - so better grab yours quick cuz with pieces like these - they are gonna sell FAST!! 

Training and Support

Once you are officially part of the team, I have over 30 days of training emails to send you to get you started on the right foot and get your business thriving!  Plus we do weekly team trainings, a poppin team group and more to help and support you in your Paparazzi journey.  

Being one of the top sellers in Paparazzi (Pink Diamond level - somewhere in about the top 30 sellers in the entire company) and a top team leader (Elite level - top 1% of teams company wide) I know how to sell the jewelry AND how to train others to do the same.  

Do don't worry - I've got the experience, training and support to help you reach whatever goals you have for your Paparazzi business - but first - you gotta get started! 

So what do you think?  Are you ready to get your business started and your starter kit with those bonus pieces in the mail to you? 

Join Paparazzi NOW!  

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