Can a former consultant re-join Paparazzi?

Sometimes life happens.  Maybe you got sick or had a major life change like a move or a new baby and had to take a step back in your Paparazzi business.  Can you rejoin Paparazzi? 

To answer that question, let's me ask a few questions:

Did you leave Paparazzi Accessories in good standing?

A consultant who leaves in good standing is one who was cancelled due to inactivity or called in to terminate their consultant status. 

If you were cancelled do to violating policy you might not be in good standing and may never be allowed to rejoin the Paparazzi ranks. 

Has it been 12 months since your account was cancelled?

In order to rejoin Paparazzi, it needs to have been a FULL 12 months since you were last a consultant.  You can call Paparazzi to get your cancellation date if you need to, but if you are sure its been at LEAST 12 months, you should be eligible to rejoin. 

When you do rejoin, you can choose any team/leader you would like to join under - it doesn't have to be the same one you used before but choose wisely because once you are officially signed up, you can't switch who your leader is.  


How do I rejoin Paparazzi?

If you answered yes to the 2 questions above, you should be able to officially re-join the Paparazzi team!  Wahoo!! 

To get your account ready to rejoin, you would need to Call Consultant Support  (855-697-2727) to clear your account.  Paparazzi has some security measures in place to prevent the same Social Security number from being used twice automatically, so they would just need to clear that in the system so you are good to go. 

Once they give you the green light, you just need 1-Pick a Kit and 2- fill out the Paparazzi Consultant application.  

From there, I will start sending you the latest training and up to date information to your inbox to make sure you have the training and support you need to re-launch your business.  


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