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Paparazzi Jewelry Catalog

Paparazzi Jewelry online catalog - new jewelryHave you heard?!  There’s some jewelry and accessories that are STUNNING, stylish and only $5?!  That’s right my friend – they’re called PAPARAZZI jewelry!!  But I’m sure you already know that, since you are here!!

We are adding new items to our Paparazzi Jewelry online catalog daily so be sure to check back often to see what’s new and exciting!

Are you ready to see what $5 Paparazzi Jewelry is all about?  Head over to our $5 Paparazzi Jewelry Catalog and see all our amazing jewelry and accessories.  (You are gonna love them!!)

Paparazzi Jewelry Catalog

Paparazzi Starter Kits!!  

Thinking about Joining the Paparazzi team?  Here is  a quick view of each of the starter kits

  • Paparazzi Jewelry $99 Kit (Preview Pack) – 35 pieces of jewelry  ($175 retail value)
  • Paparazzi Jewelry $299 Kit (Small Home Party Starter Kit) – 120 pieces of jewelry and accessories ($600 retail value)
  • Paparazzi Jewelry $499 Kit (Large Home Party Starter Kit) – 200 Pieces of jewelry and accessories ($1000 retail value)

AND if that weren’t enough, you get amazing training, resources and support to help ROCKET you to the top of the company in no time!!

(for more about me and to see if I’m the right leader for you, visit Awnya’s Achievements and How to choose a Paparazzi Team to join.

So what are you waiting for??!!  Join Paparazzi Jewelry today before you miss out on this killer deal!! (or see links below for more info about me or what is in each of the Paparazzi Jewelry starter kits)

Join the Paparazzi Jewelry Team

Going Live on Facebook

 Live Jewelry Sale!! 

 Do you want exclusive access to the NEWEST and BEST Paparazzi jewelry??!!  Join me for my Facebook LIVE jewelry sales every Monday and Thursday nights at 6pm MST.  (5 PT, 7CT, 8 ET) over on my Facebook Page.  We have a TON of fun and have loads of jewelry just for you!!

Click on over to see the latest show or to watch the next one!!

I can’t wait to PAR-TAY with you!!




 Join Paparazzi Jewelrywanted - Join the Paparazzi Jewelry team

Paparazzi Jewelry is a fun, unique way to:

  • earn extra money
  • make new friends
  • travel to amazing locations
  • just have FUN!!!
  • get recognition for your hard work
  • earn awards and prizes

I joined Paparazzi to make a few extra dollars every month.  After a few weeks, I was making a lot more than I thought I would and I was having a BLAST doing it!!  And it just keeps getting better and better!  Awnya and Jesse on a Paparazzi Jewelry vacationPaparazzi sent me on my first real vacation WITH my husband!  It only took 14 years, but we finally had a honeymoon!!

You might be wondering how Paparazzi is different than other companies cuz maybe you’ve tried other things and it didn’t work out, or maybe you are just nervous to try something different… I’ve been there too!!  I actually tried several other companies before I joined Paparazzi and wasn’t nearly as successful as I am with Paparazzi!

Want to know more about Joining the Paparazzi Jewelry Team or maybe you are wondering How to choose a Paparazzi Jewelry Team to Join – I’ve got you covered!

A few other helpful links are our:

OR, if you are ready to get going – Let’s do it!!

Join the Paparazzi Jewelry Team

Paparazzi Passport Vacation 2018
Paparazzi Jewelry Passport Vacation 2018

In 2018, Paparazzi is hitting the beaches for some fun in the sun and BEST of all, Paparazzi is footing the bill!!

Between June 1, 2017 and November 30, 2017, consultants have the opportunity to earn their ALL INCLUSIVE vacation completely free for themselves and another adult!   By simply running and building our businesses, Paparazzi awards points and those points earn us a free trip!!

AND the top 3 point earners get upgraded rooms, and much, much more!!

To see who is in the lead or how to earn points for the trip, visit Paparazzi Passport.

*Please note that the 2018 vacation is sold out.  There is  waiting list for those wanting to attend who have not yet secured a ticket.

Exclusive Team Trainings

One of the BEST parts of being a part of our Paparazzi Jewelry team is the EXCLUSIVE trainings that I have JUST for you!!  I have a 26 day program to help you ROCK your business FAST!!  AND we have team training videos almost every day in our team facebook group, a weekly team training newsletter and an archive of EXCLUSIVE training calls JUST for my team!

T.E.A.M. – Together Everyone Achieves More is a motto we live by!

Want to try some of my trainings out?  Visit for all the team training archives, graphics and images that you can use in your Paparazzi business and much, much more!!

See why my team is THE Paparazzi Jewelry team that you are gonna want to join!


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