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So you think you might want to be a Paparazzi Jewelry consultant? Here are a few things you might want to know -quiz form. Ready, set, go!

 Why do people join Paparazzi?

Why do people join Paparazzi?

A. Excuse to eat brownies
B. The average consultant makes $200 on a home party
C. Get a Mommy break
D. all of the above


What Bonuses Can I Expect as a Paparazzi Consultant?

What Bonuses Should I expect as a Paparazzi Jewelry consultant?

A. Not having to get dressed for work, like ever
B. You get a tan on your FREE Paparazzi Vacation
C. Be the envy of all your friends and family
D. All of the above


What Do I need to Do as a Paparazzi Consultant?

What do I need to do as a Paparazzi Jewelry consultant?

A. take large checks to the bank
B. look FABULOUS in your cute, trendy jewelry
C. work towards your goals and dream life
D. all of the above


What life Stresses can be Eliminated with Paparazzi?

What Life stresses can be eliminated with Paparazzi

A. Shop at Target anytime you want
B. You boss is a pretty cool chick (you!!)
C. Your daily commute is from your coffee pot to your computer
D. all of the above

Why is Paparazzi fun?

Why is Paparazzi fun?

A. We make new friends ALL the time
B. There is NO party like a Paparazzi Par-tay
C. Bras are optional
D. all of the above


Do you have your quiz answers?

I'll give you a hint, the answers to ALL of the questions are D - ALL OF THE ABOVE.

But seriously though, Paparazzi Jewelry is a LOT of fun! We party like no one else!


Here are a few other things you might be wondering about. -->

How many days a week does the average consultant work?

The average consultant does about 2 parties a week, that's 2 days out of 7. Some do more, some do less.

How much money would I make doing this business?

You make 45 % or $2.25 from each piece of jewelry that you sell. If you sell 4 pieces to 10 people that is 40 pieces a week for a profit of $90. Do that for 4 weeks and you've made $360. Double what you sell (4 pieces to 20 people a week) and you have $720.

Who pays for the hostesses free products?

Paparazzi sends you 1 free item for each 10 item that you order as a consultant. These items are to help offset your hostess rewards. As a consultant, you can offer more generous rewards to your hostesses if you wish (which I highly recommend).

How much does it cost to get my business started?

To get started in your Paparazzi business, you just have to choose one of our AWESOME Paparazzi Jewelry Starter Kits to get going. These have almost everything you will need to get your business started!
A few things you won't find in your kit are jewelry displays and business cards. You can choose to start your business without these items or get them right off, the choice is up to you.

Will I have to keep inventory or make deliveries?

I recommend keeping at least a small inventory on hand for customers who want to stop buy and grab some jewelry but it isn't required. In case you find an opportunity to set up your jewelry at a home party, fair or craft show, it is good to have jewelry on hand to sell as well.
You can choose if you want to do jewelry deliveries. I ask local customers to come by my house to pick up orders so that I spend less time in the car. I mail orders to customers who aren't local but still want to support my business.

Will I make money when I help other people start their business?

YES! As other people join Paparazzi on your team, you earn 5-10% of their sales as a BONUS check!

Why did I choose this business over other Direct Sales Companies?

I LOVE Paparazzi because it is a GREAT price and something that everyone can afford. I don't feel like I have to pressure my friends, family or customers to order or buy. Since I'm not a good sales person, that works GREAT for me!
I tried my hand at several other companies before finding Paparazzi jewelry and didn't find the success that I have in just a short time with Paparazzi! I LOVE helping others, looking fabulous, taking free trips and helping others do the same!
If you have had experience with another direct sales company (or not) give Paparazzi a try. It isn't like any other company, I mean seriously! What other company can say that EVERYTHING is only $5?! :)

What support do I get as a new consultant?

As a new consultant on my team, you get EXCLUSIVE access to my 30 days to success training! We also have weekly team meetings, individual coaching and training and a team Podcast (online radio show) all dedicated to helping you GROW and ROCK your Paparazzi Jewelry business!

I'm curious, how do I get more info about this?

You can join Paparazzi Jewelry now and get your adventure started or if you want more info, I'm here to help!! Call or text me at ( 801 - ) 719-7181 or message me on FB (Awnya Boam). You can also email me awnya @ (no spaces).
You can also check out my recommendations on How to Choose a Paparazzi Jewelry Team to Join. It might help you choose between all the Amazing team Leaders and myself!

I'm excited to meet you and help you ROCK your Paparazzi business!!