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Working my Paparazzi Jewelry business

This is me working my Paparazzi Jewelry businessMost of the time when I am working my Paparazzi business, I’m doing it from my cell phone.  True story.

I talk to my party hostesses, team members, sell jewelry – and all from my cell phone.  It means that I can take my business with me wherever I go AND work it with my kids around.  They have NO idea that I’m working and I get to be at dance class, recitals, soccer games and more!

It’s easy to share the new jewelry that we get daily with my customers and they EAT it UP!  We play games, chat, and have a TON of fun too!

Who knew that a tiny cell phone could help me be able to stay home with my kids, earn money and make new friends?!

Now you might be wondering if this is too good to be true.  Usually it is.  See for yourself though!  Join my $5 Jewelry Club on Facebook and you can see the fun we have, the ladies buying up a storm and see for yourself that I’m telling the truth!!  See you there!!

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