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Will I make money when I help other people start their jewelry business?The short answer is YES!  You will get money from helping other people join your team and have a Paparazzi jewelry business of their own.

You earn between 5 % and 10% of what the people on your team order every month (also known as their PV – Personal Volume).  You also get something called a “Business Building Bonus” when they join with a starter kit.  It is a great additional bonus to what you already make selling jewelry!

You get the money from your team sales and your Business Building Bonus on the 20th of the following month either directly deposited into your bank account or mailed out to you in a check.  It is a great way to earn more amazing money with your Paparazzi Jewelry and to help other people make great money too!

In order to qualify for the bonus check from your team sales, you simply need to put in an order of 25 pieces of adult jewelry in a calendar month, and when you reach the rank of a Producer or above, you just need an order of 50 adult pieces of jewelry in a calendar month. Paparazzi Jewelry commission checks

Here is an example of what our Paparazzi leaders earn JUST from their Commissions checks every month…

Amazing, right?!  Building a team is a great way to make your already amazing commissions from your personal sales into EPIC sales!






So are you ready to get started?

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Jan 5-15 we will be on our 4th Paparazzi paid vacation! Any orders received during this time will be processed and shipped on Jan 16th. Thanks! Dismiss