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Paparazzi Jewelry Starter Kit

Free Accessories in All Starter Kits!

Paparazzi starter kit saleThe New Year is here, and at Paparazzi, we have one resolution for 2017: to PARTY!

Parties are related to special occasions.  We party when we reach new milestones.  We party to celebrate those we love.  Sometimes we throw a party just so we can see our closest friends and enjoy their company!  A good party leaves every guest feeling happy, connected, and uplifted… Sound familiar?  There’s a reason that we say that Paparazzi allows you to party for a living!

January is the perfect time to invite everyone you know to join the Paparazzi party, because every Consultant who enrolls this month will receive extra accessories for FREE inside their Starter Kit!

  • Preview Pack ($99) – 5 FREE accessories (15% more product, $25 value)
  • Small Home Party Starter Kit ($299) – 25 FREE accessories (20% more product, $125 value)
  • Large Home Party Starter Kit ($499) – 50 FREE accessories (25% more product, $250 value)
Don’t forget!  The Large Home Party Starter Kit includes a FREE ticket to ALL Access, which is the BIGGEST Paparazzi party of the year!

Let’s get this party started!Join the Paparazzi Jewelry Team

 *Starter Kit purchase must be made between 12:00 AM ET on January 1, 2017 and 11:59 PM ET on January 31, 2017.  Free extra pieces will be included in the original order. Offer only available to new Paparazzi Consultants.

Get your FREE Summer Party Pack

Paparazzi Jewelry free party pack

Summer: when colors are kaleidoscopic, sunshine lingers, and fun is inevitable! During this warm and vibrant season, your customers are actively searching for a party – and we all know there’s no party like a Paparazzi party!
This July we invite you to take your summertime Paparazzi parties to the next level with the exclusive Summer Party Pack! Loaded with 10 assorted accessories in everything from the hottest spring/summer trends to bestselling classics, this exclusive collection will be the talk of the season – and only those who qualify will receive one!
What does the Summer Party Pack include? It contains a total of 10 assorted rings, necklaces, hair clips, headbands, bracelets, and earrings in a variety of styles and colors – all guaranteed to fuel your scorching summer sales!
We are including TWO Summer Party Packs in every Small Home Party Starter Kit ($299 kit -retail value of $100 in FREE jewelry!) and FOUR Summer Party Packs in every Large Home Party Starter Kit ($499 kit – retail value of $200 in FREE jewelry!!) purchased during the month of July. If there was ever a perfect time to join Paparazzi, NOW would be it!
Looks like your summer just got a little hotter!
Are you ready to start your Paparazzi Jewelry business?   Join NOW!!

You haven’t joined Paparazzi yet – image

You haven't joined Paparazzi yet - imageSo you’ve heard of Paparazzi Jewelry and you are even thinking that you might want to join….what’s stopping you??

What if I fail?

Honey, I hear ya!  I think this is one of the biggest fears most people have about trying ANYTHING new!  What happens if you never try?  Will you regret it?  I sure would!

I call this a leap of faith!  It’s impossible to know what you can do if you never try.  GREAT things are waiting for you and I’m here to help you!!  All you have to do is follow my proven path to success and BAM!

I don’t have the money to join Paparazzi

This is probably the second biggest reason I hear that people haven’t joined Paparazzi yet!

Let me ask you a question.  If you got a call from a lawyer who informed you that you had a relative die and they left you a mansion and $100,000 but all you had to do was fly across the country to sign the papers and claim your inheritance, would you do it?  Now I’m not talking about one of those scams, but pretend this was a legit inheritance.  The plane ticket is $995.  Do you think you could scrape that together?

I know I sure would!  I would sell things I didn’t need, call friends and family, max out my credit cards or even get a small loan at the bank!  Who wouldn’t!  You have $100,000 waiting for you, right?!

Think of Paparazzi in the same way!! Even if you JUST sell your starter kit, you will DOUBLE your investment!  That’s instant profit!!

So what are you waiting for?  What is holding you back? Let’s chat more about what I can do to help you get your Paparazzi Jewelry business started!

Or Join Paparazzi Accessories now and let’s get you started to your Rock Star success!!

Invest your tax return in Paparazzi

Invest your tax return in Paparazzi imageTax day is just around the corner.  The day that you have to have your taxes turned in and *hopefully* will be getting a return!

Don’t you want to shake things up?  Keep MORE of the money you work so hard to earn already?  Well, now you can!

Invest your tax return in your Paparazzi Accessories Starter Kit and not only can you double your investment, you can earn great money too!!

It’s as easy as showing your friends, family and co-workers your new jewelry.  They can’t believe that it is ONLY $5 and snatch it up super quick – and you get a nifty 45% commission.

See, simple really!  So what are you waiting for?!  Join Paparazzi Accessories today and invest in your future!

$99 gives me a paycheck with Paparazzi Jewelry

$99 gives me a paycheck with Paparazzi I’ve spent $99 on a lot of things…none of those things give me a paycheck.  True story!

How many things do you feel like you “waste” your money on?  Or maybe you just have a little too much month left after your paycheck is gone?!  Maybe you should Join the Paparazzi Accessories Team!

Paparazzi Jewelry Starter Kits are as low as $99 and they are packed FULL of amazing things to get your business started with a BANG!!

Exclusive Pieces of Paparazzi Jewelry JUST for YOU!

In each of our starter kits there are 20 (!!) exclusive pieces JUST for starter kits – that means that I can’t even order them!!  Your friends and family will get first pick of these amazing items that they can’t get anywhere else!!

AND as soon as you finish filling out the form and hit SUBMIT to join the Paparazzi Jewelry team, you will be emailed your consultant number and a file that includes images of all those exclusive pieces, so you can start to share and sell before you even get your kit!! How awesome is that?!

Share the images of the pieces of jewelry you will get in your starter kit and pre-sell those items! Then you can have your kit paid for before you even get it!!

So are you ready to get started in your very own Paparazzi Accessories business?  Let me help!  Join Paparazzi Jewelry Now.  Or, visit my post about How to Choose a Paparazzi Team to Join for tips and pointers on choosing the team for you!!

Can you picture yourself doing what I’m doing?

Can you picture yourself doing what I'm doing? Can you picture yourself having a Paparazzi Accessories business?  Let’s chat a little more about what Paparazzi is all about.

How much money can I make with Paparazzi Accessories?

With Paparazzi, you earn 45% of all your personal sales as PURE PROFIT.   I’m not much of a numbers person, but let me try to break this down just a bit more….so if you sell 4 pieces of jewelry to 10 people  a week, your profit is $90.  Do this for 4 weeks and you’ve made an extra $360!!  That’s nothing to shake a stick at!

What do I have to do?

With Paparazzi Accessories, you run your business how you want to!  Do you want to do online parties?  You can!  Fairs, expos and events?  Yep!  Home parties!  Sure!  It’s totally up to you!!  Do as little or as much as you want to do and if you want to try something new and you’re not sure how, I’m here to help!

Are there any quotas or minimums I have to reach?

Nope!  With Paparazzi Accessories, there are no quotas or minimums.  It’s pretty awesome!  As you build a team, you do need to have ordered 25 pieces a month in order to get your bonus check from your team sales, but its never required.

So what are you waiting for?  Join Paparazzi Accessories today!!

Still have questions?  Message me!

Paparazzi Jewelry $99 Starter kit

Paparazzi jewelry $99 starter kitSo the Paparazzi jewelry starter kit comes with 35 pieces of jewelry. Sounds like a lot? How many pieces of jewelry do you think I’m wearing in this picture?

That’s right, folks!  35. It sounds like a lot more than it actually is!!

That is why the $99 Paparazzi jewelry starter kit is considered a “sample pack” because there is only a small amount of jewelry to get you started.

The $99 Paparazzi Jewelry starter kit is okay if that’s all you can do.  I get it.  Life is crazy and trying to cut a chunk out of your already struggling budget doesn’t work very well.  I hear ya!

But, the more jewelry you have, the more you will sell.  It’s that simple.  AND if you are as excited as I THINK you are about starting your new business, your friends and family will be there, swarming your starter kit as you open it – trying to get the best items first!

Help them (and yourself) out and get one of the larger kits!  Choose from either 120 pieces or an amazing 200 piece starter kit!

Trust me, you’ll thank me later!

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or just wanna chat before you get your Paparazzi Jewelry starter kit, Let me know!!

This Christmas By Paparazzi

christmasThe holidays can be crazy with all the parties, shipping gifts to friends and family that are far away and even sometimes traveling to visit friends and family.  It always seems like the time of year with the most cheer and the most bills. Am I right?!

For years, we would put Christmas on our credit card and then spend the first few months of the year paying it off. No matter  how much we tried to save, something always happened and we would have to use our credit cards again.

Not anymore!

Paparazzi Accessories and my little home jewelry business has given us the extra money that we’ve needed the last few years with some to spare!  I actually look forward to shopping now where I used to dread it before.

Make money with Paparazzi Jewelry

Now, more than ever, it is SUPER easy to make money with Paparazzi Jewelry.  Simply choose the Paparazzi Jewelry starter kit you want ($99-$499) and get your business going!  Our starter kits include the supplies and jewelry you need to get started quickly and with maximum success.

Next, just show the amazing jewelry to your friends and family and watch them go nuts!!  THEY love the $5 price and all the great styles and colors.  You will love the 45% profit on each piece you sell.  It adds up quick!

So what are you waiting for?  Get started in your own Paparazzi Jewelry business today!!

The Paparazzi Accessories Secret is OUT

The paparazzi Accessories secret is outPaparazzi Accessories is the best kept secret, but not anymore!!  Its time to come out into the spotlight and let EVERYONE know what Paparazzi is all about!

There are only a few thousand consultants nationwide which means that we need HELP!!  My calendar fills up SUPER quick for parties and events and I still have organizers and hostesses wanting to host!  It’s crazy!

Maybe you have tried other companies or don’t want to have to sell anything….Well, the good news is, Paparazzi Accessories is unlike any other company!  Because EVERYTHING is only $5, there is no convincing, no sales speeches, no gimmicks.

Kits start at only $99 and include enough jewelry to DOUBLE your investment!  PLUS business supplies like receipts, display items and bags.  The bigger the kit you choose, the more jewelry and supplies come in the kit!   Check out all the Paparazzi Accessories Starter Kit Options and see what’s right for you!

I’m here to help you all along the way with all your questions, problems or concerns as well as supporting and encouraging you!  Let’s see if Paparazzi Accessories is right for you!! It’s time to share this “secret” with all your friends and family!!

Jan 5-15 we will be on our 4th Paparazzi paid vacation! Any orders received during this time will be processed and shipped on Jan 16th. Thanks! Dismiss