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Paparazzi Jewelry shipping

Paparazzi Jewelry shippingWhen you order your Paparazzi Jewelry online, you usually have to pay shipping to get it to your place.  Let’s chat about how much that will be, when you will get your order and how it will arrive.

How much is Paparazzi shipping?

When you order online directly from the Paparazzi Accessories website, you pay $5.95 for shipping on orders of $1-99.  Orders over $100 ship for free.

Here at, I will ship your orders for $3.50 for the first piece and only 25 cents for each additional piece! AND, no sales tax!  What a deal!!

When will my Paparazzi Jewelry order arrive?

Orders arrive 2-5 days after they are shipped.  Please allow 1-2 days for processing, packaging and mailing (I usually get it done the same day you order, but just in case I have sick kiddos, I gotta make that disclaimer!)

How will my order arrive?

I ship all my orders through USPS First Class mail so, it will usually be in your mailbox or PO Box.

Thanks for stopping by!  I’m here to help and make sure you have the BEST experience with your Paparazzi shipping as possible.  Be sure to check out my $5 Paparazzi Jewelry Shop to take advantage of my low shipping rates!


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