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How to make your Paparazzi Jewelry last longer

Want to make your jewelry last longer?  Here’s just a few ways to keep your jewelry and accessories looking great for the longest time.
How to make your Paparazzi Jewelry last longer

The BEST way to keep your accessories and jewelry looking great for the longest time is to avoid the 5 S’s.

Sleep- Never sleep while wearing your jewelry.  When you sleep, your jewels help you look great, but they are just exposed to you oils, skin and moisture for an extended period of time which will make them fade and tarnish.  Take off your pretties before you close your eyes.

Shower- your jewelry is allergic to water!  Try to keep it away.  Not only will your jewelry get water spots, it could also rust.  If your jewelry DOES get wet, quickly dry it thoroughly.  But overall, its best to just avoid getting your jewelry wet altogether.

Sprays – Use perfumes, hairspray, lotions, etc. BEFORE you put on your jewelry.  This will keep your jewelry sparkling and beautiful much longer without that slight coating of chemicals on the outside.

Sweat- Try to avoid massive sweating while wearing you jewelry.  Don’t wear it to the gym or when you know you will be working out or sweating in excess.  Sweat is similar to water, but the salt in your sweat could cause your jewelry to rust faster.

Swim – Take of jewelry before swimming.  Remember that your jewelry is allergic to water and the pool is no exception.

Our Paparazzi Jewelry should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.  Every once in a while, wipe your jewelry with a soft cloth to remove anything that will damage the finish.

With just a little LOVE your jewelry should last much longer!

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