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Did you know – Paparazzi earrings

did you know- earringsDid you know that Paparazzi Jewelry has 4 different styles of earrings?!

It’s true!  Paparazzi earrings come in the standard post, fishhook style, hoops, and clip ons.

These types of earrings come in a variety of styles and colors, but have 1 thing in common.  The AMAZING price!!  ALL the earrings are only $5.  That’s right!  $5 each!

No matter what your style or preference on the type of earrings you have you can also rest easy knowing that they are nickel and lead free.  This means less skin reactions so that you can look FABULOUS!

Another bonus with the Paparazzi Jewelry earrings is that we include a pair of matching earrings with every necklace!  That’s right!  So you can coordinate your earrings with your necklace and look awesome AND save some major green too!

Just another reason why I love Paparazzi Accessories!

Get your FREE Summer Party Pack

Paparazzi Jewelry free party pack

Summer: when colors are kaleidoscopic, sunshine lingers, and fun is inevitable! During this warm and vibrant season, your customers are actively searching for a party – and we all know there’s no party like a Paparazzi party!
This July we invite you to take your summertime Paparazzi parties to the next level with the exclusive Summer Party Pack! Loaded with 10 assorted accessories in everything from the hottest spring/summer trends to bestselling classics, this exclusive collection will be the talk of the season – and only those who qualify will receive one!
What does the Summer Party Pack include? It contains a total of 10 assorted rings, necklaces, hair clips, headbands, bracelets, and earrings in a variety of styles and colors – all guaranteed to fuel your scorching summer sales!
We are including TWO Summer Party Packs in every Small Home Party Starter Kit ($299 kit -retail value of $100 in FREE jewelry!) and FOUR Summer Party Packs in every Large Home Party Starter Kit ($499 kit – retail value of $200 in FREE jewelry!!) purchased during the month of July. If there was ever a perfect time to join Paparazzi, NOW would be it!
Looks like your summer just got a little hotter!
Are you ready to start your Paparazzi Jewelry business?   Join NOW!!

The key to success

The key to success | Paparazzi JewerlyI sometimes get asked what the key to my success is and the number one reason I have found the success that I have is that I found a product that everyone can afford.  I mean, seriously!

Since Paparazzi jewelry is only $5 a piece, I don’t have to convince or really even sell the jewelry to the people who come to Paparazzi parties or to my events or online parties.  The $5 price and the amazing jewelry speaks for itself.

And since you know your friends are going to love Paparazzi jewelry just as much as you do, it’s easy to share the newest and best Paparazzi jewelry and accessories with them!!

Do you want to have success too?  I’m looking for new team members all across the U.S. and I would love to help you be a success too!  Join the Paparazzi Team Now and let’s get you started earning money, making new friends and having fun while doing it!

Bling Bling, totally a Paparazzi thing

Bling Bling, totally a Paparazzi thingWhen I first started selling Paparazzi, my husband thought I was insane.  Like clinically, mentally, crazy insane.  I only wore 2 pieces of jewelry EVER…my wedding ring and another ring he gave me.  Simple, easy.

And there I was, telling him I wanted to SELL jewelry.  Oh boy!!  My only response, “But it’s FIVE DOLLAR jewelry.”

I could tell that $5 Jewelry was going to change my life!  It was someone’s million dollar idea and I was lucky/blessed enough to stumble on it when I did.

There truly is nothing like Paparazzi!  It is a fraction of the cost of other jewelry and still looks AMAZING!  It is budget friendly, fun and a great way to make some extra money too!

So while the other jewelry you have might sparkle, just wait until you wear some Paparazzi.  Knowing that you got a KILLER deal AND that you are “on fleek” (isn’t that what the teenagers are saying these days?!) will make YOU shine like nothing else.  Try it today and see why BLING bling is TOTALLY a Paparazzi thing.

Get your Paparazzi jewelry now in my $5 Jewelry Shop!

Who said $5 Jewelry

Who said $5 Jewelry MemeDid someone say $5 jewelry?!  YES WE DID!!  Five dollar jewelry is here and ready for you!

Paparazzi jewelry is nickel and lead free.  It is all only $5 and it is mostly made of aluminum and steel.  It makes this jewelry super affordable, trendy, and cute!

That means that you can look great for less money or maybe even have MORE jewelry and accessories and still spend less than you would on jewelry from the department store or from one of those other jewelry companies.

Who said $5 Jewelry – YOU did!!  Now let’s get your $5 Jewelry!!  Shop now and get all your bling for one great low price!!


Make money with Paparazzi Jewelry image

Make money with Paparazzi Jewelry imageBut seriously though.  How long are you gonna sit there watching me make money before you decide to try Paparazzi yourself?!  Maybe you’re nervous because you have tried a company (or three) in the past with little or no results.

Girl.  I hear ya! That was me too!  I tried several companies and didn’t find the money I wanted, the success I craved and never made it past the first rank or two.  It was depressing.  I had decided there was something wrong with me. Logical conclusion, right?!  If other people could make it work but I couldn’t, there was something wrong with me.

Paparazzi was a kind of last-ditch, hail Mary for me.  I felt like we were sinking financially, I felt miserable about myself and my body and the only ray of sunshine had been a Paparazzi necklace I had bought a few weeks earlier.

When I told my hubby I wanted to join, he thought I was crazy.  Let’s face it.  He had watched me struggle and work at those other companies too!

Well, now, my husband is my biggest supporter.  He loves the confidence that Paparazzi has given me and I think even more than that, he enjoys going on the Paparazzi Passport vacations that have taken us to several warm, sandy beaches!

Paparazzi has helped us get out of debt and even buy a house!!  True story!!

What’s the secret?  An AMAZING $5 price.  Jewelry and Accessories that fit every style and personality.  Trendy styles and fashions so that your customers can’t help but want more and more.  …the list goes on and on!

So what are you waiting for?!  Join Paparazzi Jewelry today and start making money today!

Paparazzi bracelets have 8 styles

Paparazzi 8 bracelet styles Did you know that Paparazzi bracelets come in 8 different styles?  They sure do – a style for everyone!

The variety of our styles make sure that you get the best fit to both your personal style and to your wrist!  With so many styles to choose from, you are sure to find exactly the perfect bracelet for you!

The bangle style bracelet is fun, cute and flirty.  The stacked look is easy to achieve and this is a great style of bracelet to use to add texture and flair to your outfit.

The clasp style bracelet or alligator clasp is a pretty standard bracelet.  It may require a little help getting on or off (at least I need help!)  They are super cute and come in a variety of styles and colors.

The snap style bracelets are my personal favorite.  They are soft, move-able and adjustable too.  Some wrap around your wrist 2 times and others are a little thicker and have 2 snaps.  They are so fun and trendy.

Wrap bracelets are a fun variation on bangles but still have about the same look.  They are a lot of fun and can fit on larger wrists.

Stretchy bracelets are easy to get on and off and are a customer favorite.  They are sexy, fun and only $5 (hey!!!).

Cord bracelets feature an adjustable knot to close them.  They tend to be a little more earthy and natural.  They are usually really comfortable and  fit most wrist.

The hinge bracelet is a new addition to the Paparazzi lineup.  They are easy to get on and off but stay on a little better than a regular cuff bracelet.  They are a great accessory!

The last type of bracelet in the Paparazzi lineup is the cuff bracelet.  These are a classic style and one that we LOVE.  They come in a variety of styles and colors.  The perfect accessory for any outfit.

Check out our latest selection of bracelets in our Paparazzi Jewelry shop now!

Do you love jewelry?

Do you love jewelry?Needing a job?  Or maybe you just need a little money?  Maybe yous should try a “job” that is fun, easy, with an amazing boss and unlimited potential!!

Paparazzi Accessories might be JUST what you are looking for!  You control when you work and with who.  Make a little money or a lot – it’s up to you!!

If you like to eat brownies and cash large checks, you are someone we want on our team!!  Paparazzi is easy to sell, fun, and a great way to make new friends too!!

Since EVERYTHING is only $5, customers flock to YOU!  There are not hard sells, closing pitches, party presentations or speeches to memorize.  Just cute jewelry at an AMAZING price.  Your friends and family won’t believe it!!

So what are you waiting for?  , !!


You haven’t joined Paparazzi yet – image

You haven't joined Paparazzi yet - imageSo you’ve heard of Paparazzi Jewelry and you are even thinking that you might want to join….what’s stopping you??

What if I fail?

Honey, I hear ya!  I think this is one of the biggest fears most people have about trying ANYTHING new!  What happens if you never try?  Will you regret it?  I sure would!

I call this a leap of faith!  It’s impossible to know what you can do if you never try.  GREAT things are waiting for you and I’m here to help you!!  All you have to do is follow my proven path to success and BAM!

I don’t have the money to join Paparazzi

This is probably the second biggest reason I hear that people haven’t joined Paparazzi yet!

Let me ask you a question.  If you got a call from a lawyer who informed you that you had a relative die and they left you a mansion and $100,000 but all you had to do was fly across the country to sign the papers and claim your inheritance, would you do it?  Now I’m not talking about one of those scams, but pretend this was a legit inheritance.  The plane ticket is $995.  Do you think you could scrape that together?

I know I sure would!  I would sell things I didn’t need, call friends and family, max out my credit cards or even get a small loan at the bank!  Who wouldn’t!  You have $100,000 waiting for you, right?!

Think of Paparazzi in the same way!! Even if you JUST sell your starter kit, you will DOUBLE your investment!  That’s instant profit!!

So what are you waiting for?  What is holding you back? Let’s chat more about what I can do to help you get your Paparazzi Jewelry business started!

Or Join Paparazzi Accessories now and let’s get you started to your Rock Star success!!

That face you Make

That face you make MemeDoes this face look familiar? I know I see it quite often when I come home with some new clothes or more Paparazzi Jewelry. What he doesn’t realize though is how GOOD of a DEAL I get!!

For the same amount that I would spend in just 1 necklace at the store, I can get 4 or 5 pieces of Paparazzi Jewelry. Or more!!

So sorry, hubby.  You might have to build me yet another jewelry hanger for all my new pretties, but don’t worry!  I still left enough money in the bank to buy food.

Jan 5-15 we will be on our 4th Paparazzi paid vacation! Any orders received during this time will be processed and shipped on Jan 16th. Thanks! Dismiss