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New Statement Necklaces coming soon!

Zi Collection necklaces by Paparazzi jewelryOn October 2nd, 2017 Paparazzi Jewelry will be releasing BRAND NEW statement necklaces.  These stunning necklaces are only available for one year and there will be a total of 20 different styles to choose from.  These necklaces are show-stoppers and will be worth the wait.

10 of these special Paparazzi Jewelry necklaces are called the “Signature Series”.  These Zi Collection Signature Series necklaces are named after several top consultants for rising above the crowd and working their business unlike another consultants.  The competition for winning one of the 10 places is fierce.

The remaining 10 necklaces will be called “Zi Collection”.

These necklaces are priced at $25 each and are worth every penny.

Get ready to turn those heads and be the envy of your friends and family with these amazing necklaces!   Mark your calendars for October 2nd.  This is a release you won’t want to miss.

UPDATE:  Get yours NOW at Paparazzi Jewelry Zi Collection

Free Accessories in All Starter Kits!

Paparazzi starter kit saleThe New Year is here, and at Paparazzi, we have one resolution for 2017: to PARTY!

Parties are related to special occasions.  We party when we reach new milestones.  We party to celebrate those we love.  Sometimes we throw a party just so we can see our closest friends and enjoy their company!  A good party leaves every guest feeling happy, connected, and uplifted… Sound familiar?  There’s a reason that we say that Paparazzi allows you to party for a living!

January is the perfect time to invite everyone you know to join the Paparazzi party, because every Consultant who enrolls this month will receive extra accessories for FREE inside their Starter Kit!

  • Preview Pack ($99) – 5 FREE accessories (15% more product, $25 value)
  • Small Home Party Starter Kit ($299) – 25 FREE accessories (20% more product, $125 value)
  • Large Home Party Starter Kit ($499) – 50 FREE accessories (25% more product, $250 value)
Don’t forget!  The Large Home Party Starter Kit includes a FREE ticket to ALL Access, which is the BIGGEST Paparazzi party of the year!

Let’s get this party started!Join the Paparazzi Jewelry Team

 *Starter Kit purchase must be made between 12:00 AM ET on January 1, 2017 and 11:59 PM ET on January 31, 2017.  Free extra pieces will be included in the original order. Offer only available to new Paparazzi Consultants.

Nothing Haunts us like the Jewelry we Didn’t Buy

nothing haunts us like the jewelry we didn't buyHave you ever waited to buy a piece of jewelry or a really awesome dress or pair of shoes and then it haunted you for days?!  I have!!  There is still a pair of AMAZING grey boots that I let slip through my fingers a year or so ago that haunts me whenever I go to find shoes in my closet.

Don’t be haunted by Jewelry and Accessories that you didn’t buy!  With Paparazzi jewelry, everything is only $5 so you don’t have to worry about spending too much or about buyers remorse.  The only thing you have to worry about is missing out on some great pieces!

The only way to make sure you don’t miss out on the AmAzInG items I have for you is to check back often and snag them up quick when you do find one that you want.  Most pieces DON’T come back and so you have to be quick!

Visit my Paparazzi jewelry shop right here online to see what the latest and best styles are and to get yours before someone else does!

Don’t let missed opportunity haunt you!!  It’s only $5 so you can afford to treat yourself.

3 types of Paparazzi Consultants – Join Paparazzi

3 types of Paparazzi Consultants - Join PaparazziDid you know that there are actually 3 types of Paparazzi Jewelry consultants?  Let’s look at each type and break down what they do!

The Kit Napper Consultant

This type of Paparazzi consultant isn’t in it to make the big bucks, they simply want to get a great discount on jewelry for their own personal use!  This type of consultant saves 45% off of their own jewelry purchases and looks FABULOUS all the time!  They aren’t required to sell, book parties or have people on their teams.

The Bit-o-Cash Consultant

This type of Paparazzi consultant loves sharing Paparazzi jewelry with her friends and family.  She loves looking great and helping others around her look and feel great too!  She earns a bit of extra cash for her own personal use or family budget and loves earning free jewelry for herself too!

The Life Changer Consultant

This type of Paparazzi Consultant is dedicated to helping change her life by sharing Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories with everyone she meets.  She is constantly doing parties, sharing about the Paparazzi business opportunity and she is growing a team of consultants.  This consultant looks fabulous and her positive, can-do attitude is contagious.

The choice is up to you!! Maybe you join Paparazzi as a Kit-napper but later on decide that you want to become a Life Changer – not a problem!!  You can change levels at anytime, it’s up to you!!

One of my favorite things about Paparazzi is the ability to fit it into your lifestyle and work your business the way YOU want to!

So what are you waiting for?!  Join Paparazzi today!

Paparazzi Jewelry shipping

Paparazzi Jewelry shippingWhen you order your Paparazzi Jewelry online, you usually have to pay shipping to get it to your place.  Let’s chat about how much that will be, when you will get your order and how it will arrive.

How much is Paparazzi shipping?

When you order online directly from the Paparazzi Accessories website, you pay $5.95 for shipping on orders of $1-99.  Orders over $100 ship for free.

Here at, I will ship your orders for $3.50 for the first piece and only 25 cents for each additional piece! AND, no sales tax!  What a deal!!

When will my Paparazzi Jewelry order arrive?

Orders arrive 2-5 days after they are shipped.  Please allow 1-2 days for processing, packaging and mailing (I usually get it done the same day you order, but just in case I have sick kiddos, I gotta make that disclaimer!)

How will my order arrive?

I ship all my orders through USPS First Class mail so, it will usually be in your mailbox or PO Box.

Thanks for stopping by!  I’m here to help and make sure you have the BEST experience with your Paparazzi shipping as possible.  Be sure to check out my $5 Paparazzi Jewelry Shop to take advantage of my low shipping rates!


Thank goodness its Five Dollar Jewelry

Thank goodness its Five Dollar JewelryDo you know what tomorrow is? Of course you do! Cuz it’s FRIDAY!!

With Paparazzi I say TGIF – DJ almost every day.  What does that stand for?

Thank Goodness It’s Five Dollar Jewelry.

With kids, crazy schedules and being extremely frugal, I just couldn’t spend a fortune on jewelry and accessories.  I loved them, but they weren’t practical for my life and budget.

And THEN I found Paparazzi Jewelry where everything is only $5.  All day. Every day!

It changed my life and now I wear accessories and jewelry ALL the time without worrying about the cost or feeling if it will get broken.  I look great and FEEL great!

Are you ready to say TGIFDJ with me?  Look and see what jewelry we have for you in our Paparazzi Jewelry Catalog online!  There are styles for every person and every budget!

Not football, $5 jewelry

Not football, $5 jewelryIt’s fall, and do you know what that means?  Football season!!

A lot of my friends and even my husband love a good football game.  And kicking back after a long week at work and watching your team play (and beat) the other team is a fun way to spend a Sunday night!

Truth be told though, I’d rather be talking about jewelry and accessories!  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy a good game where the game is tied until the last few seconds and then that once in a lifetime pass takes your team into the lead with just seconds to go!!

BUT, I get the same rush when I talk to new people, share the latest jewelry or make $40 just by going to the bank with some cute jewelry on – that’s what gets me pumped!

Whatever gets you excited, just know that fall also means that NEW styles and colors are hitting our shelves RIGHT NOW!  See what we have that is new in my Paparazzi Jewelry Catalog and Store right now!  Complete those fall looks for only $5!!

How to make your Paparazzi Jewelry last longer

Want to make your jewelry last longer?  Here’s just a few ways to keep your jewelry and accessories looking great for the longest time.
How to make your Paparazzi Jewelry last longer

The BEST way to keep your accessories and jewelry looking great for the longest time is to avoid the 5 S’s.

Sleep- Never sleep while wearing your jewelry.  When you sleep, your jewels help you look great, but they are just exposed to you oils, skin and moisture for an extended period of time which will make them fade and tarnish.  Take off your pretties before you close your eyes.

Shower- your jewelry is allergic to water!  Try to keep it away.  Not only will your jewelry get water spots, it could also rust.  If your jewelry DOES get wet, quickly dry it thoroughly.  But overall, its best to just avoid getting your jewelry wet altogether.

Sprays – Use perfumes, hairspray, lotions, etc. BEFORE you put on your jewelry.  This will keep your jewelry sparkling and beautiful much longer without that slight coating of chemicals on the outside.

Sweat- Try to avoid massive sweating while wearing you jewelry.  Don’t wear it to the gym or when you know you will be working out or sweating in excess.  Sweat is similar to water, but the salt in your sweat could cause your jewelry to rust faster.

Swim – Take of jewelry before swimming.  Remember that your jewelry is allergic to water and the pool is no exception.

Our Paparazzi Jewelry should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.  Every once in a while, wipe your jewelry with a soft cloth to remove anything that will damage the finish.

With just a little LOVE your jewelry should last much longer!

Working my Paparazzi Jewelry business

This is me working my Paparazzi Jewelry businessMost of the time when I am working my Paparazzi business, I’m doing it from my cell phone.  True story.

I talk to my party hostesses, team members, sell jewelry – and all from my cell phone.  It means that I can take my business with me wherever I go AND work it with my kids around.  They have NO idea that I’m working and I get to be at dance class, recitals, soccer games and more!

It’s easy to share the new jewelry that we get daily with my customers and they EAT it UP!  We play games, chat, and have a TON of fun too!

Who knew that a tiny cell phone could help me be able to stay home with my kids, earn money and make new friends?!

Now you might be wondering if this is too good to be true.  Usually it is.  See for yourself though!  Join my $5 Jewelry Club on Facebook and you can see the fun we have, the ladies buying up a storm and see for yourself that I’m telling the truth!!  See you there!!

Paparazzi jewelry has no catalog

No catalog | Paparazzi Jewelry imageThe question I get most often about Paparazzi is where people can get a catalog.  Well, the short answer is that there isn’t one.

Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories are in high demand and because of this our products come and go so quickly that the printers can’t keep up with us.  Yep, that’s right.  They can’t print the catalogs fast enough so that we have the things in them that are offered by us!

So the best thing that you can do is to check with your Paparazzi lady for new orders and jewelry so that you can see the newest and latest jewelry.

If you need to see the newest or the latest jewelry, have fun and meet new friends, check out my $5 Jewelry Facebook club!  It’s free to join and a lot of fun!  We would love to have you!

Enjoy a FREE piece of jewelry on me! All month long, buy 12 pieces, get 1 piece free!! Use the code LUCKY13 at checkout to get your freebie! Happy Holidays! Dismiss