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Bling Bling, totally a Paparazzi thing

Bling Bling, totally a Paparazzi thingWhen I first started selling Paparazzi, my husband thought I was insane.  Like clinically, mentally, crazy insane.  I only wore 2 pieces of jewelry EVER…my wedding ring and another ring he gave me.  Simple, easy.

And there I was, telling him I wanted to SELL jewelry.  Oh boy!!  My only response, “But it’s FIVE DOLLAR jewelry.”

I could tell that $5 Jewelry was going to change my life!  It was someone’s million dollar idea and I was lucky/blessed enough to stumble on it when I did.

There truly is nothing like Paparazzi!  It is a fraction of the cost of other jewelry and still looks AMAZING!  It is budget friendly, fun and a great way to make some extra money too!

So while the other jewelry you have might sparkle, just wait until you wear some Paparazzi.  Knowing that you got a KILLER deal AND that you are “on fleek” (isn’t that what the teenagers are saying these days?!) will make YOU shine like nothing else.  Try it today and see why BLING bling is TOTALLY a Paparazzi thing.

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