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3 types of Paparazzi Consultants – Join Paparazzi

3 types of Paparazzi Consultants - Join PaparazziDid you know that there are actually 3 types of Paparazzi Jewelry consultants?  Let’s look at each type and break down what they do!

The Kit Napper Consultant

This type of Paparazzi consultant isn’t in it to make the big bucks, they simply want to get a great discount on jewelry for their own personal use!  This type of consultant saves 45% off of their own jewelry purchases and looks FABULOUS all the time!  They aren’t required to sell, book parties or have people on their teams.

The Bit-o-Cash Consultant

This type of Paparazzi consultant loves sharing Paparazzi jewelry with her friends and family.  She loves looking great and helping others around her look and feel great too!  She earns a bit of extra cash for her own personal use or family budget and loves earning free jewelry for herself too!

The Life Changer Consultant

This type of Paparazzi Consultant is dedicated to helping change her life by sharing Paparazzi Jewelry and Accessories with everyone she meets.  She is constantly doing parties, sharing about the Paparazzi business opportunity and she is growing a team of consultants.  This consultant looks fabulous and her positive, can-do attitude is contagious.

The choice is up to you!! Maybe you join Paparazzi as a Kit-napper but later on decide that you want to become a Life Changer – not a problem!!  You can change levels at anytime, it’s up to you!!

One of my favorite things about Paparazzi is the ability to fit it into your lifestyle and work your business the way YOU want to!

So what are you waiting for?!  Join Paparazzi today!

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